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Portable Handwashing Station Rentals

If you're looking for portable handwashing stations or portable hand sanitizer stations with full service setup and delivery for small gatherings to large special events, construction sites, or sporting events, Jeff's Restroom Rentals will deliver a stress-free solution that arrives on-time.
  • Our portable sink rental features liquid hand soap, hands-free foot pumps, and paper towels which help keep hands clean and germ-free while also conforming to state and local requirements.
  • These handwashing stations are top quality units that accommodate up to 650 washes.
  • We offer same day delivery for when last minute changes throw a wrench in your plans or when short deadlines hit.
  • We set up and service the unit for you. That means refilling the water, soap, and paper towel dispenser so you can focus on your business.
We are committed to providing excellent service at your construction projects, special events or business locations and will be sure to equip you with the right portable sink rentals for your needs.

Product features include:

    • Height: 54”
    • Width: 42”
    • Depth: 24”
    • 43 Gallon Tank
    • Dual hand washing facilities
    • Sealed fresh water tank
    • Soap and towel dispensers
    • Foot pump operation
    • Free standing
    • Approximately 650 uses

Portable Handwashing Station rentals are perfect for a variety of events and projects, ranging from:

  • Fairs, Parades, and Carnivals where a portable sink rental can be set up outside restroom facilities and also near food stands so people can wash up before eating or preparing food
  • Sporting Events such as outdoor league soccer games, intramural sports, golf tournaments, and more.
  • Walks, Races, and Obstacle Courses such as 5Ks, charity walks, marathons and more.
  • Construction Projects where crews can clean up before and after utilizing the restroom, eating, or meeting with customers

Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Long Term Rentals

Full service setup and delivery of portable restrooms and handwashing stations is available within a 60-mile radius of the Grand Rapids, MN area.

Jeff’s provides the best service and highest quality portable toilets; and we are ready to help you determine how many and what kind of restrooms you need while paying careful attention to budget concerns.

Handwashing Stations For Rent